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Deep Tissue Massage

$40/hr.Get every knot of my neck and back. I need targeted deep pressure on my upper back. I will take the pain of massage to relieve my tension. Press hard and tell me when to breathe again. Thankfully at Massage Well , each massage therapist is licensed and trained to handle these types of requests, and they won’t put you through pain to provide the therapeutic massag you are looking for.

The belief of long- term pain-relief as the benefit of short-term agony from massage therapy is a common mistake many make. We thinkrelief will come from a massag therapist digging and crushing our muscles for an entire massage session of an hour or longer. Fortunately at Massage Well studios, your massage session is customized to exactly what you want, proper pressure in the desired area, to ensure your massage provides relief you are seeking.

traditionally designed to apply pressure to layers of muscle, tendons and other tissues deep under the skin, deep tissue massage can be very effective in relieving problem areas and is highly therapeutic. Deep tissue massage is generally a modality to consider for athletes as well as the eight-to five desk job. Muscles easily become tense and deep tissue massage can relieve some shronic patterns of pain and tension, specifically in the back, shoulder and neck areas.

Deep tissue is one of the most common massage modalitles and Massage Well studios have massage therapists who excel in offering this from of massage. what makes Massage Well unique is theat each client is matched with the proper therapist based on their massage needs and expectations.