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Massage Techniques To De-stress Your Body And Mind


What we often mean by relaxation is flopping on the couch and zoning out in front of the screen. But this does little to help in reducing the damaging effects of stress. We need to activate the body’s natural response rate for stress relief. Medically, body massage has been proven beneficial to aid in stress relaxation, boost blood circulation, improve posture, strengthen the immune system and quicken rehabilitation after injury. Whether you are a full-time employee or someone hustling all day at home, you can do some stress relief with a full body massage in Las Vegas.

Top Massage Techniques That Assist In Stress Relieving

Massage can be a solution to anxiety and depression problems, as an ultra-relaxing experience of a massage can cause positive changes in your physiological state. Here is a list of massage techniques that can directly address stress.

1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common yet most popular stress-relieving massage form. The therapist uses various stroking techniques or motions to decompress muscle tissue, break up muscular knots and release tension. Knots formed in our muscles due to continuous stress are patiently worked on by different stroking motions such as percussion, vibration, shaking, long strokes, kneading, and friction to induce relaxation.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

One of the top massage techniques consists of pulling the muscles away from the bones using the hands, especially fingers, thereby reducing muscle spasms. The therapist moves fingers and palms quickly to apply deep pressure to relieve stress directly under the skin. For more profound relief, the kneading technique is used to provide deep tissue massage. It works best on hands and feet by relieving pain and improving flexibility.

3. Couples Massage

Couple massage is a great way to enhance the mental and physical benefits of a massage experience. The massage therapist starts the process at the same time and coordinates the treatment for the couple. Unlike the name suggests, the couple needn’t be romantic only; it can be any friend or loved one. This full-body massage technique, besides strengthening the bonding, greatly relieves stress.

4. Body Scrub Massage

A body scrub massage once in a while is great for relieving stress and making your skin look fresh, rejuvenated, and youthful. This massage exfoliates dry skin cells, facilitates blood circulation, prevents ingrown hair, and cleanses your skin. This spa treatment uses a good-quality scrub instead of conventional massage oil.

5. Hot Stone Massage

During this stress-relieving massage in Las Vegas, the therapist uses different techniques such as tapping, long strokes, circular motions, and kneading to relax the long skeletal muscles of the body. The hot stones are placed on specific body parts, like the back, feet, or stomach. These stones are mostly volcanic rock types that retain heat and are smooth and flat. The therapist uses these stones to get deeper into the muscles without applying much pressure, helping the client relieve stress afterward.

Relax Your Body And Mind With Our Massage Therapy!

If significant stress levels burden you, contact Massage Well LLC to book an appointment for a full-body massage. We offer various massage sessions to help you relax and relieve stress accumulated in your body. We believe in the healing power of touch and try to give our clients the best experience.

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