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Top 4 Myths about Male Massage Therapists

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The massage business is highly segregated by gender. The American Massage Therapy Association Research Report indicates that 85 percent of the best male massage therapist Las Vegas in the United States are female. In an effort to fight some of this prejudice. We will dispel a few of the most prevalent misunderstandings about male massage therapists.

The difference in Strength: “A massage from a man will be different than one from a woman.”

This myth is synonymous with the notion that males will be more aggressive than women. Our private massage therapists Las Vegas are not much more forceful than their female counterparts. In reality, each of our male massage therapists takes the same effort as our female massage therapists to discuss each client’s wants and aspirations.

Specialized Training: “Male massage therapists are more likely to be trained in sports or therapeutic massage than female massage therapists.”

This is also not true. Similarly to female massage therapists, male massage therapists may be educated in a number of modalities. It relies entirely on their specific training and areas of interest.

Body Shaming: “Male massage therapists are more likely to notice things like body hair if I forgot to shave my legs.”

Regardless of their gender, your massage therapist will not care whether or not you shave. Every day, they encounter a large number of customers with diverse personal preferences and hair lengths. As a result of interacting with so many various sorts of individuals, they are acclimated to a variety of personal hygiene preferences.

Sexual Orientation Assumptions: “If I choose a male massage therapist, will they think I’m gay? Are they more likely to be attracted to me?”

In the massage treatment sector, male therapists are often seen as sexual risks. Even if their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their experiences as massage therapists or the training they have received to understand certain massage methods, it is commonly brought up. These beliefs have long impacted the careers of male massage therapists.

A Final Remark

By understanding these prevalent misunderstandings about male massage therapist, consumers may have a better understanding of what it’s like to work in this business.

Consequently, it is essential to always choose a massage therapist with whom you feel comfortable. Sometimes clients come with a history of abuse or neglect at the hands of members of a certain gender. This may influence their taste while deciding with whom to collaborate.

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